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As beautiful as South Carolina’s scenic roads are for motorcyclists, they present certain dangers for riders.

Motorcycle accident victims may not know where to turn for legal assistance. Our team stands behind motorcyclists to protect their right to compensation, using comprehensive knowledge of South Carolina tort laws and access to resources and experts.

When serious motorcycle wrecks occur, contact our Charleston motorcycle accident lawyers at Rikard & Protopapas. We act efficiently to file a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident involving you or a loved one.

The Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents occur due to negligence on behalf of motorists who do not always follow the rules of the road or fail to watch for motorcyclists. While no two accidents happen in exactly the same way, many share common factors, including:

  • Motorists resistant to sharing the road with motorcyclists
  • Failing to watch for motorcycles at intersections
  • Failure to yield to a motorcycle
  • Speeding
  • Motorists practicing unsafe lane changes

When collisions occur, motorcyclists in Charleston and their passengers tend to suffer more serious or life-threatening injuries due to the relative weight differences between a car and a motorcycle.

The force of a crash often ejects motorcycle riders and any passengers, causing blunt force trauma injuries when they strike the pavement. These injuries and others can result in the need for long-term medical care.

Contacting a motorcycle accident attorney from our office can guide accident victims through the process of filing a lawsuit to gain compensation for their injuries.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

While motorcyclists have the right to share South Carolina’s roadways with other motorists, they still face dangers that could affect their health for years to come.

Spinal trauma

Ejection during an accident can cause motorcyclists severe spinal trauma if they strike a vehicle, a stationary object, or the pavement and land on their backs. This type of injury can cause partial or full paralysis or long-term back pain resulting from injured spinal discs.

Head injuries

Head injuries can occur to both motorcycle operators and their passengers during an accident. According to South Carolina’s official government website, motorcycle drivers and riders under 21 years of age must wear an approved helmet, goggles, or face shield. While these devices can prevent head injuries, both open and closed brain injuries may still occur. Face trauma, such as fractured facial bones, may require corrective surgery.


When motorists fail to notice motorcyclists at an intersection, they may strike the bike from behind and cause the occupants whiplash. This injury occurs when a sudden force causes the neck to move suddenly and violently, back and forth. Severe whiplash can cause permanent nerve damage and long-lasting complications that could limit victims’ range of movement.

Skin trauma

While clothing may protect the skin in some accidents, others can cause serious skin abrasion and loss. Skin trauma can also introduce infection and worsen the risk of secondary illnesses.

SC Motorcycle Laws That Can Affect a Negligence Lawsuit

Once a motorcycle accident case goes to trial, one of our Charleston attorneys will work with victims by reviewing the state’s motorcycle operation laws. Our attorney may also examine whether each party met the duty of care standards and which motorcycle laws may affect the case, such as:

  • Motorcycle helmet laws for minors
  • Laws about lane usage for motorcyclists
  • Right-of-way regulations for any motor vehicle

Our legal team can meet the burden of proof for our clients injured in a motorcycle wreck and identify any possible negligent acts made by the driver of another vehicle.

Damages a Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer May Claim

South Carolina follows an at-fault system regarding compensation for motor vehicle accidents, including those involving motorcycles. This makes it more important for individuals to seek compensation for personal injury, property damage, and pain and suffering in South Carolina, as those who cause the accident pay for any damages.

Our attorneys build cases based on their total value using the cost of a victim’s medical bills, the cost of repairs or a replacement of a damaged motorcycle, mental anguish, and the total of lost wages or a diminished ability to earn future wages. The cost of medical care may also include the need for daily assistance with dressing, hygiene, and travel tasks.

How We Build a Motorcycle Accident Case

Because South Carolina is an at-fault state, victims of motorcycle accidents must prove that they were not responsible for the accident. If courts decide a motorcycle operator was responsible for more than half of any actions that caused a wreck, he or she cannot file a lawsuit against the other driver.

Our Charleston personal injury attorneys at Rikard & Protopapas take several steps to build this kind of case, including reviewing photos of the accident scene, speaking to witnesses, contacting medical professionals, and representing their clients in matters brought by the defendant’s insurance company. Taking on these responsibilities gives our clients peace of mind as they recover from their injuries.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Charleston Today for Assistance

A motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault can change your life and affect those you know forever. Contacting us at Rikard & Protopapas can help injured motorcyclists and their families recover financial losses. Speak to a Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer with a free initial consultation.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Do helmet laws exist in South Carolina?

Riders over the age of 21 do not require a helmet. However, individuals 21 and younger must wear one, regardless of whether they ride or operate a motorcycle.

Do motorcycle riders need a special license in South Carolina?

South Carolina law requires a unique license different from a regular driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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