Investment Losses

Investment Losses

Losing your money in a failed investment can be devastating to your family and your future. You placed your trust in a broker or financial advisor only to find out that they breached that trust and did not act in your best interests. You may have a claim to recover for your financial and investment losses.

Rikard and Protopapas, LLC represents investors in securities arbitrations and litigation. Many investors are not aware that they may have a legal right to recover for their losses when they are the victims of unsuitable investments or broker and financial advisor misconduct. Financial advisors and stockbrokers are licensed professionals and they must follow the law when handling investments for their clients.

There are many areas where investors may be able to bring a claim to recover damages. The following is a list of various types of claims that we bring on behalf of investors to recover their lost money:

  • Unsuitable securities claims
  • Misrepresentation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Failure to supervise stockbrokers
  • Bad advice
  • Stock broker fraud
  • Stock broker misconduct
  • Limited partnerships
  • Annuity based claims
  • Failure to follow customers instructions
  • Over-concentration in small areas of securities

If you believe that you may have a case, it is important to act quickly in order to file a claim within the statute of limitations. Call today to have your case evaluated. There is no cost for reviewing your case.*

You deserve to have an attorney that understands your investment loss needs. If you have lost money because of fraud or misconduct, you deserve to recover for those losses. You also deserve a lawyer that understands the process, the litigation, and the seriousness of these issues affecting your personal and professional life. Please contact the team at Rikard and Protopapas, LLC to have your case evaluated at 803-978-6111.