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At Rikard & Protopapas, our South Carolina car accident lawyers work to secure meaningful compensation for those who have been hurt by the actions of others. When you have serious injuries, you can have a team of auto accident attorneys with decades of experience and a well-rounded legal practice to represent you.

Our team of professionals handles claims throughout South Carolina. We provide a personalized, thoughtful experience, seeking the monetary payment that you deserve for your injuries and losses. Contact Rikard & Protopapas today to discuss your case and begin.

Attorneys for Car Accidents in South Carolina

With more than 1,600 clients and 119 years of combined experience, we are lawyers for car accidents in South Carolina with a history of success. Rikard & Protopapas has recovered tens of millions of dollars for car accident victims, and we are currently taking new cases.

See how a South Carolina car accident lawyer from Rikard & Protopapas can help you. Ask us for your free consultation.

Car Accident Cases We Handle

Speeding and other traffic violations

Drivers are expected to evaluate the conditions around them and adjust their behavior. Driving too fast for conditions is a leading cause of car accidents. It may be the basis for compensation when victims are hurt as a result.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Drunk driving accidents are completely preventable. A victim may claim compensation for financial losses and non-economic suffering. A civil claim pursues the interests of the victim, seeking a fair monetary payment for the harm that has occurred.

Catastrophic injury

Our law firm handles car accident claims involving catastrophic injury. We understand the importance of documenting the full extent of injuries, including future medical care, personal care costs, disfigurement, and injury to lifestyle that may be included in a claim involving catastrophic injury.

Wrongful death

If you have lost a family member in a car accident, you can count on our law firm to be there for you in a wrongful death claim. We are sorry for the devastating loss that you have suffered, and we put our experience and dedication to work for your future.

Adults and children

Our South Carolina car accident lawyers represent both adults and children. Whatever your age or personal situation, you deserve experienced legal representation and the compensation that you are due under the law. We serve people of all ages who have suffered physical injury in car accidents.

Single, multiple-vehicle crashes, and pileups

A car accident may involve one, two, or many vehicles. We work with accident reconstruction experts to determine what happened and prove your right to compensation.

Commercial drivers

Many car accidents involve commercial drivers. We have the training and experience to pursue cases that involve commercial transportation. We seek your compensation, negotiate your case, and take legal steps to advance your claim.

Aggressive driving and road rage

If you’re the victim of aggressive driving and road rage, we work to prove the fault of the person responsible. They should pay for your financial losses and suffering. We take your case seriously and prove each element of your claim.

Head-on, side-swipe, T-bone, and rear-end collisions

Vehicle impact may occur head-on, side-swipe, t-bone, rear-end, or in another way. Each type of collision may be devastating for victims. We handle cases with all types of impact, proving how the forces of the crash caused your injuries.

Vehicle defects

Many car accidents are the result of manufacturing defects or poorly designed vehicles. We can investigate this possibility and gather evidence to prove what has occurred.

Basis for Car Accident Compensation

Most car accidents are just that – accidents. However, accident victims may receive compensation based on negligence.

Negligence is the absence of ordinary or reasonable care. All drivers have a duty to use the care and caution of an ordinary, reasonable person. To receive compensation, the victim must prove the following:

  • The defendant had a duty of reasonable care. It’s generally presumed that drivers follow traffic laws, for example.
  • The defendant breached their duty of care. They didn’t behave like a reasonable person would in the circumstances. Most traffic violations are a breach of the duty of care or negligence.
  • Causation exists between the defendant’s negligence and the accident, resulting in injury to the victim.
  • The victim sustains injury, damages, or harm. Economic and non-economic damages may be part of the claim.

Negligence is one basis for compensation for a car accident. A claim may also be based on reckless acts, intentional acts, or vehicle defects. Punitive damages may be awarded if compensatory or nominal damages have been awarded and if the harm is the result of the defendant’s willful, wanton, or reckless conduct.

Compensation for a Car Accident

The purpose of a car accident claim is for the victim or their family to receive compensation. When a victim is harmed by injuries and suffering, they should receive damages that reflect their losses. Damages may include economic and non-economic losses, including:

Medical expenses

Medical expenses cover diagnostic testing, stabilization, treatment, physical therapy, doctor’s evaluations, and more. There may be emergency care following an accident, treatment in the days and weeks to come, and even long-term healthcare expenses that may continue throughout the person’s lifetime.

Hospitalization, nursing, and personal care

To the extent a car accident victim is hospitalized or needs assistance with daily care, these expenses may be a part of a car accident claim.

Lost income

Injuries from a car accident may prevent the victim from working. The accident may change their career trajectory and professional capabilities. To the extent the car accident results in lost income, benefits, or career changes, these losses may be a part of the claim.

Pain and suffering

A car accident victim endures physical pain and suffering. Our lawyers understand how to value pain and suffering relative to the victim’s injuries.

Emotional anguish

Mental injuries and emotional suffering are very real harms that result from a car accident. A victim may suffer anxiety, PTSD, depression, guilt, flashbacks, and other injuries. Mental damages, and the cost of treatment, should be valued and accounted for in a claim.

Disfigurement, injury to reputation and lifestyle

To the extent a victim is disfigured, can no longer go about their usual activities of daily life, or suffers injury to reputation, they may seek fair payment.

Wrongful death damages

Wrongful death damages reflect the injury that the family has sustained because of the loss of their family member. Losses are both financial and emotional. Burial and funeral expenses may be claimed by the person who paid them.

Punitive/exemplary damages

Depending on the causes of a car accident, victims may seek punitive or exemplary damages. These damages don’t compensate the victim for specific losses, but they punish the extremely offensive conduct of the defendant.

Claims Handed Throughout South Carolina

Our lawyers handle injury claims throughout South Carolina. Whether you are a resident or visitor, we want to help you if you have been hurt in a car accident. With a large team of lawyers and a statewide practice, we have the resources to handle complex claims throughout South Carolina.

Court for car accident compensation in South Carolina

Most claims will be heard in a South Carolina Circuit Court. The Circuit Courts are organized by county into 16 judicial circuits, and they have general jurisdiction over civil claims, including most car accidents. Our lawyers can determine where to file your case and prepare your court documents.

South Carolina Car Accident Statistics

  • There were 147,724 traffic accidents in South Carolina in 2021.
  • Traffic accidents increased 21.85% in 2021 as compared to 2020.
  • On average, there is one car accident in South Carolina every 3.6 minutes.
  • 36,460 people were injured in a traffic crash in South Carolina in 2021. 1,112 people were killed.
  • Economic loss from car accidents in the state was $5.20 billion in 2021.
  • Someone is hurt in a traffic crash in South Carolina every 14.4 minutes.
  • Traffic fatalities increased 12% in South Carolina from 2020 to 2021.
  • 90% of the public wears seatbelts, but 49.9% of those killed in South Carolina traffic crashes were not wearing seatbelts.

Source: SCDPS, South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book, 2021 Edition, SCDPS, Safety Seat Fact Sheet

Leading Causes of Car Accidents in South Carolina

Top contributing factors of car accidents in South Carolina include:

  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Following too closely
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Improper lane use or lane change

In 2021, driving too fast for conditions was the leading primary contributing factor of car accidents in South Carolina. 39,595 collisions occurred because someone was driving too fast for road conditions. Each of the four primary causes of accidents resulted in more than 10,000 crashes in South Carolina in 2021. No other causes accounted for more than 10,000 accidents in the year. Exceeding the authorized speed limit contributed to a relatively minor number of crashes (371).

Other primary contributing factors for accidents in South Carolina, each contributing to 1,000-10,000 collisions, include:

  • Disregarding stop signs or signals
  • Distracted driving or inattention
  • Running off the road
  • Improper turn
  • Medical incidents
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving on the wrong side or the wrong way
  • DUI, driving under the influence
  • Other improper driving actions
  • Roadway conditions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Vehicle defects
  • Unknown contributing causes

Determining the underlying cause or causes of a car accident is critical to claiming your compensation. Car accident claims are based on fault, usually negligence. By thoroughly investigating, we build the evidence to prove your case.

Choose Experience. Choose Rikard & Protopapas.

For more than 20 years, Rikard & Protopapas has built a reputation as leaders in litigation throughout South Carolina. The financial recovery that you receive can be key to your future. We know that results matter.

Here are some reasons why people choose the South Carolina car accident lawyer team of Rikard & Protopapas:

A fully equipped team

We have a team of ten attorneys and a strong support staff. We have the material resources, experts, legal knowledge, and client communication that victims depend on when they are hurt in a car accident.

Admissions throughout South Carolina and in federal courts

We’re admitted to practice law in South Carolina courts, and in the United States District Court for South Carolina. We can take your case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and to the United States Supreme Court. We’re ready, wherever your case may take us.

Top honors

Our professional honors include the Martindale-Hubbell AV® PreeminentTM rating, “Top Attorney” and “Top-Rated Personal Injury Attorney” from Columbia Living Magazine, and “Rising Star” from Super Lawyers, among other honors. We’re most proud of the results that we get for our clients, and these honors reflect our success.

Millions recovered

We’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. With a 97% success rate and 1,600 clients served, we have a history of taking tough cases, with success.

Dedication to the mission

Ultimately, a car accident claim is about a financial recovery for the victim. Financial recovery can be a catalyst for your future. We understand that legal representation for a car accident is about results.

To meet our team and discuss your case, we invite you to contact us.

Free Consultations and Virtual Appointments Available

We begin each case with a free consultation. There’s no cost for the initial contact with the South Carolina car accident lawyers at Rikard & Protopapas. Meet in our offices, at a virtual consultation, at the hospital, or in another place at your convenience.

Our law firm uses contingency fees so that we can best serve your needs.

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