South Carolina Insurance Bad Faith & Coverage Issues Attorneys

Insurance Bad Faith & Coverage Issues

Whether an individual, small business, or large company, when you pay insurance premiums, you expect your insurance company to honor their end of the agreement when it comes time to make a claim. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases where a bad situation for an insured turns into a nightmare when an insurance company decides to place its own interests above those of its policyholders. When that happens, an insured making a claim under their own policy may be unable to replace or rebuild their loss.  Where an insured is being sued by someone else, it means the insured may be left paying their own defense costs and any judgment entered against them.

Our experienced attorneys work with clients to help them recover against insurance companies who have acted in bad faith and denied legitimate claims. Our firm also helps clients locate and reconstruct insurance policies that have been lost or destroyed so that they can obtain the insurance coverage they have paid for.

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