Busy Ports, Crumbling Roads Increase the Risk for Tractor Trailer Accidents in South Carolina

When a tractor trailer accident occurs, there are many factors that determine liability. If the driver is at fault, he or she may be held accountable as well as the trucking company. One or both parties may be required to provide compensation to the crash victims. If the condition of the roads contributed to the crash or caused it, then the government agency that oversees road design, construction, and maintenance could also face legal action.

SC Traffic Fatalities Ranked Worst in Country

In 2016, South Carolina was ranked worst in the United States for traffic fatalities. Experts point out that road conditions can play a large part in accidents and still be considered a secondary cause. Trees allowed to grow too close to the road, curves that are poorly designed, inadequate drainage, and narrow shoulders may not actually cause an accident, but they can make an accident much worse, even fatal. Motorists and involved parties, including family members, filed 3,638 claims against DOT for injuries and property damages that were caused due to poorly maintained or bad roads in South Carolina.

With the rapidly growing industry in our state and major players like Boeing erecting sites in the area, more traffic is moving up and down I-26, I-95, and our surface streets. The roads were not designed to handle this amount of traffic and the congestion is presenting a dangerous burden to already overtaxed roadways.

Where to Turn Facing a Trucking Company

Filing a lawsuit against a trucking company, driver or even a government agency is a very complex process. It requires the skill, experience, and training that comes with an attorney who understands the system, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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