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Our Columbia catastrophic injury attorneys at Rikard & Protopapas can represent you if an injury has changed your life. We believe that the compensation you receive is an important part of your overall recovery and future. Our legal team represents the interests of victims in bringing claims for compensation following a catastrophic injury.

Lawyers for Catastrophic Injury Cases in Columbia, SC

A catastrophic injury is life-changing. The process of claiming compensation must be handled with care. The compensation that you receive can provide for your needs. It can account for the suffering and changes you have endured. It can give you a measure of justice.

We are personal injury attorneys in Columbia for life-changing or disabling injuries. We understand how important it is to have professional and compassionate legal representation. It’s about your compensation, and we take care of everything involved in getting results for your claim.

The Rikard & Protopapas legal team represents victims throughout the Columbia, SC area. If you have been severely hurt by the actions of others, we are here to assist you. Contact us for a consultation. Meet our team, learn about your case, and start the path toward compensation today.

What Is a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

A catastrophic injury claim is a legal case for compensation where the victim has suffered from an especially serious or life-changing injury. There are special issues and things to address to ensure the claim is a success.

There are many ways a catastrophic injury can occur that may give the victim the right to monetary compensation. Some types of accidents and injuries include:

  • Car accidents, truck, and industrial vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Product malfunctions and design defects
  • Slip and fall, dangerous property conditions
  • Chemical and toxic exposure
  • Medical malpractice, dangerous medical devices, and drugs
  • Assault and battery, intentional injury
  • Sports and recreation accidents

A victim may have representation from a catastrophic injury attorney. The Rikard & Protopapas law firm represents victims in the Columbia, SC area, and throughout South Carolina.

What injuries are considered catastrophic?

Injuries are catastrophic if they significantly change your life. They are injuries that change your lifestyle or quality of life in a meaningful way.

Examples may include:

Catastrophic injuries may affect many bodily systems like the nervous system, digestion, muscles, reproductive system, urinary and excretory systems, and skeleton. They may affect activities like walking, employment, interacting with others, recreation, and personal care.

Representing Your Interests in Catastrophic Injury Claims

When representing a client facing a catastrophic injury, there are important legal issues to address and questions to answer. As your representatives, we evaluate the situation, using our professional training and knowledge. Then, we carefully take care of everything to pursue your legal claim. Our goal is a monetary payment that reflects your rights under the law.

Some of the issues we may address on your behalf are:

Proving each element of your case

By their nature, catastrophic injury claims are for a high dollar amount. That makes the defense especially likely to fight the claim.

As the plaintiff, you must carefully build the proof of each element. We gather medical evidence to show that your injuries are catastrophic and that they are the defendant’s fault, legally. Our team understands the importance of gathering evidence, and we build your case.

Pain and suffering, emotional anguish

Financial losses are a large part of any claim involving life-changing injury. However, your physical pain and emotional anguish should not be overlooked. A claim is about representing, through a monetary sum, what you have lost. We make sure your personal losses are represented and included in your claim.

Future medical care

A claim can include the cost of medical care in the future. Getting the amount that you deserve requires understanding your injuries and future medical expenses you are likely to have. We work with experts to document and claim future medical expenses.

Damaged career

Unexpected injury can devastate your career. You may not return to the same work or your career may be limited. A claim can include this projected loss. The amount you receive can help with quality of living going forward.

Future personal care expenses

A person with severe injury is likely to need assistance with personal care. These care needs come at a cost. We make sure personal care expenses are a part of the claim along with other economic and non-economic losses.

Experienced Lawyers for Catastrophic Injuries

The Rikard & Protopapas law firm exists to help people and families who need qualified legal representation. With over 120 years of combined experience, we have a history of success helping people like you get the financial compensation that helps them move forward.

Highlights of our law firm include:

  • Tens of millions collected for our clients – A claim is about compensation.
  • Experience in catastrophic injury claims – We know the issues and how to pursue your rights.
  • Ten attorneys on our team and a full support staff – Our resources are at your full disposal.
  • Lawyers who are AV® PreeminentTM rated – For the highest professional skills and ethics.
  • Experience in Richland County and Lexington County courts – Plus United States courts and other courts in the region, and throughout South Carolina.
  • Free consultations – For all new clients in catastrophic injury claims.
  • Contingency fees available – Don’t worry about affording a lawyer.
  • A personalized case plan for each client – Expect a custom experience based on your needs and goals.

Consultations Available – Start Your Case Today

Talk to a Columbia catastrophic injury attorney and begin your case for compensation. Time is limited, and we want to begin immediately preserving evidence and preparing your claim. For your free consultation, contact Rikard & Protopapas.

Virtual, hospital, and home consultations available

Our lawyers are available to meet virtually, at the hospital, at home, or our offices. We can meet you anywhere it’s convenient. Meeting your legal needs begins with your first consultation.

If you’ve suffered from a life-changing, catastrophic injury, our law firm wants to help you get compensated. Call or message us today to begin.

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