Can You File a Nursing Home Lawsuit Against PruittHealth?

June 13, 2024 / RP Legal

Our law firm handles compensation claims for nursing home neglect and abuse against PruittHeath. To learn if you have a case, contact our Columbia nursing home abuse lawyers at Rikard & Protopapas.

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Can You File a Nursing Home Lawsuit Against PruittHealth?

If you or a loved one has suffered abuse or neglect while receiving care at PruittHealth, you may qualify to file a lawsuit. A claim is based on the care facility, through its staff, failing to take reasonable steps to protect the safety of a resident.

To receive compensation through a lawsuit, you must prove negligence or more serious conduct that resulted in harm. Our law firm can represent you in doing so. Our law firm represents clients all over the state of South Carolina in claims against PruittHealth.

What to Know About Nursing Home Lawsuits Against PruittHealth

  • PruittHealth has a legal duty of care to its residents. If someone is harmed by nursing home abuse or neglect in a skilled care facility, the nursing home may be held accountable.
  • As lawyers for nursing home abuse and neglect, compensation for our clients is our primary focus. The purpose of a lawsuit is for the victim to receive financial compensation for injuries.
  • To receive compensation, you must bring a legal claim. We can represent you.
  • What you do right now can determine the outcome of your case. There are time limits. Don’t wait to contact us as soon as you suspect that abuse or neglect may have occurred.
  • An injury victim may claim compensation for personal injury. If a death occurs, family members may claim wrongful death.
  • Compensation may include financial losses, emotional distress, and physical pain and suffering.
  • As lawyers for nursing home abuse, we build your case and negotiate your compensation. Most claims don’t require a trial in a courtroom.
  • You may file a lawsuit in addition to filing a complaint with the SCDHEC. A lawsuit is the process for financial compensation.

Grounds for a Nursing Home Lawsuit Against PruittHealth

There are many ways that abuse and neglect can occur in a skilled nursing setting. Some examples of grounds for a nursing home lawsuit are:

  • Failing to prepare and implement a care plan that is specific to the needs of the resident
  • Medical mix-ups, providing the wrong services or medication, providing services to the wrong patient
  • Not responding adequately to signs of distress or an emergency
  • Exposure to allergens, infection, or a lack of cleanliness
  • Falls that could have been prevented
  • A resident wandering away from a facility
  • Lack of attention to daily care needs, poor hygiene, soiled bedding
  • Social isolation, leaving a patient too long without attention
  • Improper use of restraints
  • Assault and battery, sexual assault, emotional abuse including threats, belittling and insults

The signs of nursing home abuse and neglect can be subtle. Care providers may refuse to answer questions or provide information. If you are concerned that abuse or neglect may have occurred, we invite you to contact our law offices. Our team can evaluate if you may benefit from filing a nursing home lawsuit against Pruitt Health.

Negligence and medical malpractice claims

A skilled nursing facility like PruittHealth provides medical and non-medical care. They have a legal duty to exercise reasonable care when they provide services. Negligence may occur in a medical or non-medical setting, and harm in either setting may be the basis for a claim. The standard is whether the care facility, through its representatives, acted negligently.

For a personalized evaluation of your situation, contact Rikard & Protopapas for a case evaluation with a lawyer.

What counts as harm for a PruittHealth nursing home lawsuit?

Harm for a nursing home lawsuit may result from abuse or neglect. It may be an injury, like a broken bone, brain trauma, or bruising. Alternatively, it may be a decline in health from inadequate care or a failure to heal because of a lack of proper medical attention.

PruittHealth – Columbia

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

2451 Forest Drive

Columbia, SC

Services provided at PruittHealth – Columbia skilled nursing include post-injury or post-procedure care, rehabilitation, and chronic health management. Services may include:

  • Post-surgical care
  • Injury and wound care
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Stroke rehabilitation, cardiac procedure rehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Memory support and dementia care

In addition to medical care, the Columbia skilled nursing facility offers recreational programming, religious services, a beauty salon, and a barber shop. Residents may be placed in private and semi-private rooms.

There are facilities for Alzheimer’s care, dementia, and other cognitive needs.

In the Columbia area, PruittHealth also operates PruittHealth @ Home and PruittHealth Hospice. These services are managed from their offices at 240 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 100, Columbia, SC 29210.

Other facilities in the Columbia region include PruittHealth in Orangeburg, Blythewood, Bamberg, Ridgeway, and Aiken, including PruittHealth @ Home and Hospice services in Aiken.

PruittHealth–Columbia is a Medicare and Medicaid participant.

About PruittHealth

PruittHealth provides nursing home services including short-term and long-term residential placement.

They offer a range of healthcare services in more than 180 locations in five states, including skilled nursing care in Columbia, SC.

The company was founded in 1969. They are a for-profit organization.

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